Party Deposit Payment:

  • A deposit payment of £50 secures your party booking.
  • Maximum party numbers are based on the room / area allocated at the time of booking.

General and Covid Related Cancellations:

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • If you wish to re-schedule your party, without incurring an administration charge, we will need at least 21 days’ notice. If 21 days notice is not provided, Big Little Fun reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £50.00 to re-schedule.
  • Cancellation of your party providing us with less than 48 hours’ notice forfeits the entire balance.
  • Rescheduled parties will need to take place within 6 weeks from the cancellation date.
  • In the event of a change to Government legislation which means that a confirmed party can no longer go ahead, a credit note will be offered minus any non-recoverable costs incurred by Big Little Fun.
  • In the instance of an in-person or real-life event not going ahead because of a host/guest testing positive or showing symptoms of Coronavirus, we will work on a case-by-case basis to reschedule the event or offer a credit note but may have to charge for any non-recoverable costs such as; outsourced equipment hire.

Final Payments

  • Please note that your party is not confirmed until final cash payment has been received before your event starts.
  • Big Little Fun reserves the right to refuse extra party guests if you have reached your maximum capacity for your party area.

Adult Catering and Party Extras

  • You can purchase party extras such as Balloons, Themes and Mascot visits up to 1 week prior to your party.
  • If you require microwaves we recommend you give us at least 1 week notice.
  • To order adult catering we require 5 working days notice prior to the party.

Party Parent/Carer Responsibilities

  • The party parent/carer is responsible for informing us at least 24 hours before the party starts if the birthday/party child or the parent/carer has any Coronavirus related symptoms or has been exposed to anyone with a Coronavirus positive test. Under these circumstances, the party cannot go ahead in which case, you will be offered an alternative date to reschedule your party.
  • The party parent/carer should not arrive any earlier than 20 minutes prior to the party start time to meet the party host.
  • The party parent/carer will need to provide the party manager with a completed party guest list on arrival – this will help to speed up your party entrance process. The guest list should include the names of both the adults and the children attending the party.
  • Latecomers will not receive additional time and we are not able to restructure the party to accommodate late arrivals.
  • Big Little Fun have a FREE adult per child guest policy as long as you have not reached your maximum room/area capacity.
  • The party parent/carer and adult guests are responsible for the party ‘child’ guests at all times.
  • The party parent/carer should explain the Big Little Fun “Rules of Play” to the children before the party begins.
  • The party parent/carer should ensure that all children are dressed appropriately.
  • The party parent/carer must ensure all children wear socks when using the equipment. It is advisable to bring spare socks on the day.
  • No spray foam, poppers, streamers or external piñatas permitted. Customers will be charged an additional sum of £30.00 for cleaning if this rule is disregarded.
  • No decorations are permitted on the walls of the party room as this causes damage.
  • The party parent/carer will provide the birthday cake and candles (only normal candles permitted).
  • The party parent/carer must ensure that all party children are collected by their parent/carer or guardian at the end of the party time.
  • The party parent/carer must ensure that the party room is vacated with all belongings and rubbish at the end of the allocated party time.
  • The party parent/carer must ensure that all guests leave the building at the end of the allocated party time.
  • If party parents/carers / party guests do not leave the building at this time, Big Little Fun reserves the right to charge for additional time spent on the premises.
  • Catering can be brought into the centre by the party parent/carer or friends

Venue Responsibilities

  • The Party Host is responsible for letting Management know at least 24 hours in advance if they have Coronavirus symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who has symptoms or a positive test. In this instance we will do our best to arrange cover with another Party Host. In the event that we cannot arrange cover, we will offer a credit note or work with you to reschedule your party for another day.
  • The venue is responsible for all booking details to be met by the start of your event.

Party Information

  • If you wish to supply your own special helium balloons, please ensure they are already inflated.
    We are happy for you to supply your own party theme – please discuss with the centre beforehand.
  • Management reserve the right to change the party room allocated at the time of booking without prior notice.
  • Big Little Fun reserves the right to close / remove equipment from use for any reason, without compensation. We will endeavour to inform you of any non-availability of any equipment or facility prior to a party.

Date Updated: 16th June 2021

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